March 31, 2016

Easter is my Favorite

I often catch myself saying things like:  Christmas is my favorite!  Thanksgiving is my favorite!  Independence Day is my favorite!

And what is actually true is that holidays - holidays are my favorite.  I am a natural partier.  Celebrating things is my jam. 

And Easter is no exception.  After all, Easter is my favorite!  Much like Christmas or Thanksgiving or Halloween, we have our own set of traditions for Easter as well.  Egg dying, church, barbecued things, silly pictures.  Easter fell in between my two surgeries and I was grateful to be present for one of my favorite holidays.

We dyed eggs with our friends.
We had cascarone wars - which apparently is a total San Antonio thing.  If you don't know what a cascarone is, it's a painted eggshell full of confetti  You smash them over people's heads for no good reason other than it being fun.  I get cartons of senseless fun every single year.
We went to our church play on Good Friday and watched the story of Jesus' life play out before our eyes.  His birth, His life and ministry, His death and ultimately His resurrection.  It is still my most favorite story.
 I scaled way back on Easter baskets this year getting much smaller baskets and fewer items.  I bet you can't guess which one is Tommy's!
And where I come from, Easter isn't Easter without barbecue.
 We took a lovely family photo.
And our favorite Easter traditional photo where we wear Easter eggs for noses.  We started this years ago, and we do them every year.  My boys will be grown and I will still make them do this. They have no choice when they have a partier for a mom who's favorite holiday is all the holidays.
We hope your Easter was full of the same kind of family fun!