May 21, 2011

The Buzzcut

So here's the thing.

Tommy's hair grows really fast. We got his first hair-cut when he was nine months old, and since then, we've had to go get it cut almost every other month to maintain the massive amounts of hair this kid can grow.

But. Do you know how pricey kid hair-cutting places can be? After all is said and done, including tip, it's $20 every time I go. And I'm pretty sure we spent more money on his hair cuts last year than on my one trip the salon. *sigh*

And here's another thing.

I choose to go to the pricey kid-hair-cutting places because Tommy hates getting his hair cut. He acts like someone is trying to kill him, and the whole process is a horribly torturous experience for him. We have yet to be able to get through to him that no one is hurting him. And even though I could take him to some cheapie place and pay under half the price for what I pay, I figure that at the kid-hair-cutting places, they are used to screaming toddlers and fewer people will look at me weird.

So yeah. It's kind of all about me and being self-conscious about what others are thinking about my screaming-bloody-murder child.

All this being said, Tommy was in need of another hair cut. And $20 to spare - have, we did not.

(Why I felt the need to say that last sentence like Yoda, I have NO clue.)

SO. We decided it would be a grand idea to give it a go ourselves. We've been parents for almost two years. We've got this, we thought. Todd manned the clippers and I held my 35 (all muscle) pound child on my lap.

And oh heavens.

To start, we used the wrong size clipper extension. And it was too short. And sadly, once you start, you can't stop. Doing it ourselves was way worse, because now we were the bad guys and not the ones rescuing him from the mean hair-cutting people. Now we ARE the mean hair-cutting people. AND I was covered from head to toe in his hair by the end of it. *sigh*

So yes. Mildly disastrous and I'm not so sure we'll brave this again. At least until he's over his fear of hair cuts and clippers.
He is practically bald. Though we did save $20 and only at the expense of our sanity.
I am however, very grateful that his hair grows super fast. In two weeks time he will look like a normal boy again and not like he's about to enlist in the army.
And if you'll excuse me, I've got to go find a hat or two for my son. (He will actually wear them and keep them on). My budget for those hats you ask?

Yup. $20 bucks.


  1. hahaha!! Love this post! Michael is the same! We have to go to cool cuts for kids because he freaks out when he gets his hair cut and needs to be strapped in and distracted. we have thought about buzzing his hair....needless to say, after reading of all the fun you had doing it, we'll refrain for the time being. haha. My husband always says that the difference between a good hair cut and a bad one is just 2 weeks! :)

  2. He looks perfect for the "infantry" bahaha...
    I actually really love the buzzcut!! He's a handsome lil boy :)

  3. -we have a similar story with Steven.....after the buzz we went to the mall where a sweet old lady said, "how many more chemotherapy treatments are left?". Seriously....that was the last buzz cut at my hands.

  4. LOL! I tried to cut Trevor's hair one time. He told me he looked like an idiot when I was done. Nice huh?

    If it makes you feel better they grow out of the freaking out at the hair cut place pretty soon. We mostly go to Great Clips and they do a pretty good job.

  5. This was funny! I laughed at many of your funny descriptions... and still have a smile on my face! Tommy looks so cute... no matter what his hair looks like! :-) Precious....

  6. AnonymousMay 23, 2011

    I love his hair, your uncles hated when I got the clippers out. They would never sit still so it always ended up A crew cut, maybe that is why went to wearing long hair in their younger years, ha What could you do to Tommy to make him anything but handsome. Love you have a wonderful day. Love Gramma

  7. Oh my gosh Jenn!! He looks adorable. I actually really love this look on him!! I say don't spend that $20 on his haircuts EVER AGAIN! Hehe!

    Btw, I just added your blog to my blogroll... I distinctly remember adding your new address after you switched blogs, but somehow I lost it after I switched blog designs! So weird! It wasn't on purpose tho! :/

  8. Haha! He does look like a little army boy! And he is still as cute as ever with that buzz cut!!! :-)