June 28, 2011

My cup runneth over

Sometimes there are these moments in life....really good, really happy, and really fulfilling moments that leave you feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of them. Beautiful, laughter-filled, fun moments that stay with you for years. I have several memories of my childhood that I still remember with so much fondness - a time when our family felt closer and more connected. I can still remember those times right down to smells and sounds, the meals we shared, the jokes that were told, the gifts that were given and received, the games played, or even the tears that were cried.

It's felt like a long time since we've had one of those times together - one of those unforgettable nights that you know you will sit around and talk about later when you're older. Tonight I had one of those nights with my family. It felt like a night that will be memorable for me. In 20 years, I will still recall this night with fondness.

I will remember Poppy sitting at the kiddie table because he was the first to get his food.
I will remember my dad's face for my son as Tommy was enamored by his guitar playing and wanted to play along with him.
I will remember that Auntie was here and she was the reason we all gathered together for this special mid-week affair. I will remember that I made tacos and everyone loved my spanish rice and Robin's guacamole.
I will remember Tommy singing with us and being a ham and showing off for the entire family.
I will remember my sweet Grammy as she observed the family around her laughing and talking and singing and eating. I knew she was soaking it all in and enjoying every drop of every moment together.
I will remember my cousin Jon reading Tommy a book and asking if he could come back and do that again some time.
I will remember Tommy jumping up in to Poppy's arms before they left for the night.
I will remember conversations and faces and laughter and singing. I will remember that my dad played an old favorite song of mine and I sang it. I will remember that everyone ate my dessert until it was gone. I will remember how several of us snorted with laughter.
I will remember that my step-sister Chelsea announced that her and her new husband were expecting a baby and we all cried and rejoiced. I will remember her tears and my own for such exciting news.
I will remember that on this night - a random Tuesday in June where we all got together as a family to see my Auntie who was visiting from Africa, that we had a great, great time.

I will remember that no matter how often or how few our family times together can look like this, that God is the giver of such amazing gifts. I will remember that living in the tension of life is hard, but that it's where He has me and He's given me the strength and courage to do it. I will remember that there are still good times to be had and to be shared and how I hope there will be more opportunity for it. I will remember that God is the giver of new life and how good it feels to celebrate it. I will remember how I felt His love poured over me tonight.
I will remember.

My heart is full. My cup runneth over.


  1. I just love when we spend time with family and it's full of great memories like that <3

  2. Wow!! Your thoughts and feelings are so organic and raw, I felt them. I love it ;) God bless and may he give you more days like today .
    Ps: love you guys in yellow.

  3. what a sweet time. God is good. and you do look good in yellow:)

  4. This just made me so happy for you, Jen! I'm glad you documented it all here on your blog. :) And gosh... it amaaazes me how much Tommy looks like your husband!! Too cute. :)

  5. Beautiful... all of it. Thanks for sharing--I am always eager to read your blog!

  6. I'm glad that you're family time went so beautifully. That feels like a very sweet gift that was given to y'all! <3

  7. haha that should have been "your" not "you're" but i'm sure you knew what i meant lol!