June 30, 2011


Okay everyone. Have you heard of this new phenomenon called Pinterest?

I had seen some links here and there on various blogs, but didn't really think twice about it until recently. A couple of weeks ago I found myself with some down time and instead of cleaning my bathroom or doing something else that probably required my attention, I wandered over to Pinterest to see what the hype was all about.

Once I got my invitation from the site (seriously arrived within like ten minutes of my request for it), I was hooked. It took me a bit to figure out how to set up boards and figure out how to pin anything, but once I did I was hooked!

Let me explain (and this is mostly for the benefit of both of my Grandmothers). Pinterest is kind of like an online "pinboard." It's a place where you can store recipes, decorating ideas, organizational tips, or just pretty things that make you smile. It has all the excitement of online shopping, yet you spend nothing. It's a place to dream and have fun. And for me, it's been a great resource to get hundreds of ideas on how to spruce things up at home or add special touches to a party. I have found new blogs I enjoy, great handmade products that are on my official wishlist to purchase in real life, and a place where I've found wonderful and creative ideas that I want to try myself.

I've only been on Pinterest for two-ish weeks and I already have EIGHTEEN categorized boards. Perhaps I'm a little addicted, but it's fun and new and I just kind of can't help myself.

And how can a person have EIGHTEEN boards and what on earth are they all for you ask? Sure - I'll break it down for you. (o;

Decorating Ideas: This board is all about different things I'd like to do in my home from art projects, to patterns of curtains and pillows, and other ideas I'd like to implement in any room in my home.

Tablescapes: Many beautiful ideas of how to put a gorgeous table together for a dinner, party, or special event. Though with my kind of budget I would have to get even more creative. Though these are awesome to access merely for inspiration!

Party Central: Ya'll know I love to throw a good party. It's been great to find new themes, favors, food, ideas and decorations. Not only for inspiration, but things I could implement and create myself.

Accessorize: A place for fun things like earrings, necklaces, purses and fun things to accessorize any outfit. I have learned through this particular board that I have a "thing" for ruffles that I didn't know about until recently.

Shoe Candy: Because the 70 some pair of shoes I own at home isn't quite enough, it's fun to have a board of shoes I dream of. Shoes just make me happy.

Stylin': My board for fun outfits, tops and dresses that are my style. And things I definitely want to be on the lookout for if I'm ever shopping!

I could live there: Pretty homes that I could totally see myself calling home. I can dream right?

I love the holidays: Christmas galore! Decorations and pretty rooms that give me inspiration and ideas on how I'd like to make things gorgeous for the holiday season.

Yellow: It's my favorite color and it felt necessary to have a board dedicated of only yellow things that make me smile.

Autumn: I love to decorate for the fall and this board gives me a place to put new ideas and pretty things from my favorite season.

Scrapbooking: Though I should probably be catching up on my scrapbooking instead of making boards on Pinterest of page designs I'd like to try, it's great to find ideas on how to put pages together. Others' creativity often guides me to do some fun pages myself!

Because I'm kind of obsessed with weddings: If it didn't mean having to work every weekend, I think I would probably LOVE to be a wedding planner. And because I love wedding cakes and bouquets and beautiful pictures of weddings, it's fun to have a place to store all things wedding.

Just Dreaming: If you know about my wedding dress dream, this is a place where I have found gorgeous gowns and when it's time, I hope I can try every one of them on!

Sparkles: This board should be called "DREAM ON!" because it's a board full of beautiful diamondy things. Huge rocks that if I'm ever some kind of rock star or win the lottery or get my own television show (HA!) I'd be sporting one of these. Again - a girl can dream right?

Jennsational: Random board full of things that just remind me of myself and my life.

Pretty places and spaces: On this board are places I'd imagine myself spending some ME time reading, resting or vacationing.

Costumes: I'm always looking for unique and fun costume ideas for Halloween and silly parties I might throw.

Organizing Fun: I have great intentions about getting organized and then don't do it well. This board has given me great ideas on things I could do to get my pantry, office, cabinets, bathrooms, etc., organized and looking good!

Okay, so that was exhausting and I'm sure I bored anyone reading that. But I had fun with it so I suppose that's all that matters!

And if you want just a taste of a few things I've pinned, here you go!

This beautiful tablescape via

And this great birthday banner via

This cute purse via
My boards and my purposes for it are more of a collection of ideas and such, but the site is actually quite awesome and functional if you're planning a wedding, furnishing a home or apartment, or putting a cookbook together of recipes and such. Apparently I'm sold on this new site and think you should be too.

Are you on Pinterest yet? What kinds of things do you like to pin?


  1. Love Pinterest. I am very impressed with your boards! I recently started a board for 1st birthday party ideas. So much fun.

  2. That's pretty awesome! I'm gonna have to check it out! :-)

  3. I have a bit of an addiction as well! I decided when I got home from the two week drive around the country I would not allow myself to get on till all my chores were caught up, I still haven't been on... I've got to finish that laundry today!!!

  4. Yes yes yes I LOVE PINTEREST! Am I following all your boards? I'll have to check....

  5. wow. i cant go- i wont. it would be too much for me! thats a really cool site, though