Why, Seasons and Stories?

Nature's seasons are a wondrous thing. I love that God in His infinite imagination, created our earth to change throughout the year.  His majesty shows up in snow-covered mountains, rich autumn trees of red and gold, spring flowers, thrilling rainstorms, and clear, sunshine-filled summer days. The very world we live in is ever changing around us. I never tire of His creation and how it is made for us to enjoy.

Spring, summer, fall, winter - they remind me of where change is good, hard, painful, wonderful, and full of potential.  Perhaps change is one of the only things we can count on life.  And that gives me hope - that if things around me can be sown and are made to grow, then die - only to bring forth life again - than maybe that can be true for me also.

I am both a story-teller and memory-keeper.  Having a deep passion for story, I believe I was created to share, write, listen to and give stories words that have been touched by God's healing, truth and grace.  Simply said, I write from my heart. 

And this little space is where I come to share pieces of my heart and story, in every season.