July 1, 2011


We've shared in a lot together the last few days.

Conversation. Coffee. Laughter. Tears. Stories. Fried pickles. Waffles. Movies. Songs. Pictures. Memories. Hopes. Dreams. Longings. Shopping trips. Popcorn. Disappointments. Fears. Silliness. Love.

Just life.

It's been good to have her here - my Auntie. Though we communicate by phone and Skype, it is never the same as her being here in person. Her visit from Africa this summer was a surprise to us all as we didn't think she would be able to return to the states until next summer. Her presence brings a joy and light to my heart that somehow ministers to the place in my heart where it often times aches and hurts. Something about her and what we share together warms my soul to the deepest parts of who I am.
There is still more life to share over the next couple of days. And I'm trying not to think about her taking off on Tuesday and another year going by before I see her face-to-face again.


  1. YAY!!!! im so glad youve had this time w her!!!

  2. So glad for your sweet visit. I have a niece I feel the same way about, I'm glad you have an aunt who is so special to you!!!