March 3, 2012


Sometimes it's good to take a pause. To breathe in a moment, acknowledge the life you are living and where it feels good, rich, and full. After feeling my share of disappointment this last week, I've purposed to take notice of things this weekend. Like my surroundings and these small happenings that add up to make these seemingly insignificant minutes of life turn into these incredibly magic-filled moments that you want to memorize and remember and cherish.

Like horsey rides on daddy's back.
Cute smiles with closed eyes after bath time.
Handsome husbands who are still so good-looking that sometimes capturing them on camera makes your heart flutter because you remember that you are actually married to that and he's all yours.
The first bite of a warm chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven.

A Friday night with nothing on the agenda but relaxing and just being together as a family. The family we made. The one we are building and hope to grow with time.

Moments where motherhood feels sweet and manifests itself as a parking lot for trucks in my living room. Oh what joy these kinds of pictures bring to me. I so love being a mom. I love being Tommy's mom. I love that my living room is a container for his childhood fun.
Saturday mornings when everyone is still asleep and I have the house to myself to savor my coffee. To read and journal and pray and talk to God.
And folding laundry. Quite seriously my favorite chore.
Tidying up the house and caring for what's mine, for what I've been blessed with. This three bedroom home with a tiny backyard and a large kitchen and enough space for us even though we like to think we need more.

Enjoying breezy spring days, taking walks and feeling muscles burn in the way that feels really really good.

Having open windows and watching sheer curtains blow in with the March air.
These are the moments that I come back to. They remind me that not all of life is hard and disappointing. That there is much to be lived and enjoyed. How life is full of blessings and if we can just pause for a moment, there is much to see and feel. And all of it makes me smile and sigh a content, blessed sigh.


  1. I love this post. :)

  2. Great post! It's kind of a stop to smell the flowers post :)

  3. I love this post!!! Having the windows open and the breeze blowing in is the best!

  4. slowing down and knowing is a great thing ! youre encouraging me in that lately. lets see how long it takes...