July 5, 2011

Red, white and oh so very blue

So I had one of the most relaxing days EVER yesterday to celebrate Independence Day. After a great work out, I spent almost the entire day at my friend's pool. I read magazines and listened to music and swam and laid out and swam so more. Later on in the day, Todd and Tommy joined me.

The only sad part of the day was having to say goodbye to my Auntie again.
I guess the hardest part of saying goodbye to her is not knowing when I'll see her again. Our time together was sweet, and their work in Senegal, West Africa has them very unsure of what their work and future will look like there. It could be another year, or two at the most before I get to hug her neck again. And that, along with the most terrible knot in my neck I've maybe had in my entire life, has me a bit blue today.

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