October 1, 2012

Three years old and cast #1

 This is what my Monday has looked like so far.....
Something called a buckle fracture - it's what happens when you're three and still growing your bones and they break because you were playing hard like boys tend to play.
 He chose red - like Spiderman.
 And to my surprise, he didn't cry or freak out or pull away from the guy putting on his cast.  He was seriously brave and was a total champ.  Though he may be a bit disappointed to learn that he can't remove it and it has to stay on him for the next three weeks.  *sigh*
 Nani came with us.  She sat with him so he could get his x-ray.  And she stayed with me for moral support because I thought at any minute I was going to break down and cry because a fractured arm and all that comes with it, especially financially, feels like enough to do me in right now.
I'm definitely overwhelmed.  It tends to feel like life always comes at once and just when you think you can breathe or you're ahead of the curve, life comes and knocks you on your ass and reminds you that you are simply never the one in control.  And I'm grateful too - that it wasn't worse and that he was brave and handled the whole ordeal with relative ease.  Had he been a wreck, I probably would have been too.  

So three years old and our first broken bone.  His childhood will continue to be an adventure, I am sure!


  1. oh girl...what a crazy experience for your Monday morning! and what a tough little boy!

  2. I was actually thinking about this this weekend! My boyfriend got into a horrific car accident and got pretty hurt (thank God he will be okay). Just when you think you've got everything under control, you're thrown a massive curveball. Life never stops, does it?

    I'm glad your little man is okay! That's a pretty sweet cast :) When I was younger, my sister had to get casts on both her legs because she walked like Tommy from Rugrats. Since she was too young, I chose pink ;)

  3. Poor little guy! And poor Mama. I hope everybody is doing some good chilling at home to recover.

  4. heh! i like how you labeled it #1. you know. you know theres more.
    and, i bought him a book a couple months ago-- well, maybe a couple weeks before aimees wedd. so, if i can pop by sometime-- teus or thurs?-- and just drop it off, that would be awesome. good timing, id think.

  5. "life comes and knocks you on your ass and reminds you that you are simply never the one in control" I love this line, and I know it well.