October 3, 2012

Love List

Cool autumn mornings.  

And how I think we are officially out of 90 degree anything!

Scarves.  This new one especially.
Pumpkin spice latte availability.

New friends who already know me well enough to say things like - "We'll talk about Tommy later - how are you handling all of this?  Are you okay?"

Chips and salsa.  (The baby wants it.)

A wonderful, loving, honest, and kind husband.

My Robin and our healing and blossoming relationship.

Being gifted with a crib for the nursery.

Baby flutters.

Smallish deductibles.  
Even if paid out of pocket, it could be worse.

Second trimester energy.

An able God Who can and will do exceedingly above all that I can think or imagine.

Being a mama.

"Driving" with Tommy.

Being pregnant and not gaining any weight in the last five weeks.  

Our church.  New friends.  Community.

Planning Halloween costumes.


Because some days it's just best to write out what I'm loving, what I'm thankful for and remembering the things that make me smile....


  1. Love this. I really love the idea of posting the things you are loving. Really reminds you of all the great things in your life that make you happy.

    Yay for 2nd trimester energy! :)

  2. love new scarves...I got a new one at a recent craft festival and I'm thinking I need to break it out this weekend!