June 23, 2011

Summer Play List

I don't know about you, but certain songs can almost take me back to certain times of life. I can remember the smells and sounds and what life felt like. Anytime I hear the song "One Sweet Day," by Mariah Carey, it takes me back to my freshmen year of high school when a girl named Brenda was my best friend. We lived on cheeseburgers and Twix candy bars and clung to each other in gym class as we didn't know anyone else. We would often sing this song at the top of our lungs and wish we had the kind of powerhouse voice that Mariah did.

I'm still the same way though. Certain songs can take me back to a memory in life or of a person or a feeling.

As this is the summeriest summer I've had in quite some time, I wanted to remember what my summer play list was. Most of these songs I've been jamming out to in my car or at work. Some of I've danced to. Others just feel fitting for my heart right now. Either way, I wanted to remember them, so that someday I could go back and listen when life isn't as summery or I need a reminder of what it feels like to celebrate and just be alive.

My list is all over the place - country, Christian, rock, ballads, pop, etc. I'm a versatile music lover, what can I say?

In no particular order, (aside from #1 as it's my current favorite) here is my current summer play list:

#1) Dynamite - Taio Cruz

#2) Firework - Katy Perry

#3) Gonna be a good night - Black Eyed Peas

#4) Forever - Chris Brown

#5) Country Girl (Shake it for me) - Luke Bryan

#6) Rolling in the Deep - Adele

#7) Always - Kristian Stanfill

#8) Heart Like Mine - Miranda Lambert

#9) Perfect - Pink

#10) I am Free - Newsboys

#11) Just the way you are - Bruno Mars

#12) In the End - Linkin Park

#13) Party in the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus

#14) Love Story - Taylor Swift

#15) I so Hate Consequences - Reliant K

#16) Dare you to Move - Switchfoot

#17) Alive - P.O.D.

#18) Feels like Home - Chantal Kreviazuk

#19) Blessings - Laura Story

#20) I Need You - Chris Tomlin

Do you have any favorite summer songs? Any songs that take you back to a memory or a memorable time of life?


  1. I love the variety in this play list! <3 Keep on enjoying summertime!

  2. Great list, Jenn! I love to turn up Party in the USA super loud and sing even louder every time it comes on. I love it!

  3. My current song of the moment is Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. Can't stay still while listening to it :) Oh, and I also like The Head and the Heart's song Lost in My Mind.

    I'm totally into the playlist thing (maybe a bit too much??) It's amazing how a few songs can hold so many memories. I'm currently putting together something for Summer 2011 to take on my runs.

  4. So many songs remind me of when we used to go roller skating! Then there's some from swimming at the pool, and of course, high school.

  5. Haha! I love this playlist! :-D Makes me want to open up Itunes and jam out to some awesome tunes...and definitely some Mariah Carey! My favs of MC have always been Fantasy and Dream Lover. :-)