October 5, 2012


Ya'll.  It's been a crazy week.  Or as my friend and I decided last night, it's been a "shizzy" week.  Which of course is right in the middle somewhere of both shitty and crazy. 

And I'm not sure if it's been shizzy because I have this tendency for adding up all of the negative things going on and allowing them to overwhelm me, or if it's been shizzy because it's felt legitimately hard.  Either way, my body, my mind, my heart, and the fact that tears easily spill from my eyes with any mention of words like baby, or cast, or $300 deductible, is proof that this was in fact, quite a week.

My house is a wreck.  Only two of the items on my "menu" this week actually got made for dinner.  And I'm missing my sister's play tonight because if I don't take some time for myself, I might endanger someone because I'm at that breaking point where I could be mistaken for insane.


At the moment, I'm counting down the hours until 1:00pm.  When it's officially time to leave work, pick up my boy and go HOME. 

Home feels like the loveliest word today.  It's where I want to be and rest.  And I have all of these grand plans for the weekend - like cleaning the house and baking a pumpkin pie and making homemade chili and cornbread in honor of the awesome cold front we're supposed to get, and maybe even starting another wreath.  But even if all I get done is a nap and reading a few books to Tommy and taking a shower, I will be HOME and that's really all that matters.

Here's to hoping for a shizzy free weekend and a fresh, new week ahead.  Happy Friday ya'll.

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  1. I'm sorry your week was crap, but I love the word you made up, lol! That's awesome! :P