February 29, 2012

Evil Eyes

I've always known my eyes were pretty. It's a compliment that I've heard my entire life. Along with being musically inclined, crazy beautiful eyes run in the genes too. Seriously, you should see my cousins and my dad and my Poppy. My eyes are the one thing I've always received compliments on. And other than my nose that I somewhat admire, it's one of the few physical features I really do like about myself. Because as women, isn't it harder to find things we really enjoy or love about our physical bodies rather than our inner selves and who we are at our core?

Yesterday was a day though where my eyes caught a man's attention - a stranger, and a slightly vulgar one at that. This man ended up telling me that I had "evil eyes." And he followed that up by saying "I was all kinds of trouble."Now I've heard a lot of things over the years about my eyes, but someone referring to them as being "evil" was a first. His comment sent me reeling and I felt myself spin there for the remainder of the day. It dug up places inside of me where I feel dangerous and where I've created trouble in the past. And places where the darker parts of me feel fear.

It's interesting how a single comment can get your mind racing and cause so much unsettledness. The words that man gave to me yesterday weren't true of me and I know that in my head. Yet I hate where it felt disrupting in my heart and the things it left me having to look at for myself yet again. Maybe there will always be pieces of my story and my heart that need examining on a regular basis.


  1. What a weird thing to say. People are so strange!

  2. No those words are not true...and it makes me angry for you that someone would say that. Your eyes have great power and beauty in them, and evil definitely is not apart of them.

  3. That guy sounds like he fell out of the crazy tree and it every branch on the way down! Perhaps he had some kind of mental disorder that made him spout out weird and inappropriate things?
    Either way, you should ignore him. :S

  4. wow! my heart hurts and pulls for you because i had a guy yell at me out of a truck the other day-- "whats up, asshole?" i was so stunned. and then i wondered if he thought i was a gay guy- i dunno it was just too crazy. evil sees evil.
    to the pure, all things are pure. to those who defile, nothing is pure. thats all my heart could do with my situation, and yours. i hate that men speak evil. that women speak evil.