July 22, 2013

The Spideriest Spiderman Party - EVER

I'll be the first to admit that I have a little problem when throwing parties.  Almost always, or basically just always, I go a little over the top.  But what can I say?  I love to party and I love me some parties.

Celebrating four years old for our big guy was of course a special occasion.  I mean, he will never be four again!  Saturday night, Todd and I took Tommy out for a special birthday celebration just the three of us.  We went to see Monster's University in the theater and went to the restaurant of his choosing - Chilis. 
  Sunday was the big party day.  And I was sort of up until 1:00 in the morning decorating and getting as much done beforehand as I could.  Like streamer nonsense on the windows. 
The decor aspect of the party is where I get a little out of control.  I asked my talented mom-in-law to paint be a city backdrop on cardboard, but instead she made a 3D version of buildings - which was of course way more awesome.
For the party, we had a few games and activities set up for the kiddoes.  I had all of them make a mask like spiderman using markers and pieces of construction paper.
 I had some homemade Spiderman cookies made by my incredibly talented cookie-making friend Renea.
 Aren't they awesome?!
 I snagged a few decorating ideas from Pinterest too and made a few of these buckets with tissue paper and comic-book words.  I thought my cuss word was clever, well because - it is. 
 Another total Pinterest steal - it's just lime-green koolaid.
 I made cupcakes this year and drew spiderwebs with this awesome black gel.  The kids LOVED them.
 For one of the games, we had all of the kids bounce on balloons - I drew bad guy faces on all of them and told them that they're mission was to eliminate the bad guys as fast as possible.  The balloon popping was a little noisy, but they had a blast!
 A friend of mine drew up a pin-the-web-on-the-bad-guy kind of game also.  We blind-folded the kiddoes, spun them around and let them put webs on to the picture using their "Spidey-senses."
 The best game of all was this.....and probably because it involved silly string.
 Two of our friends were nominated to be our Green Goblin bad guys.  The kids chased them around with silly string until it was all gone. 
 It was a hilarious, messy time!
 Before he went to bed last night, Tommy said, "That was the best birthday party ever mom." 
Which only means I will probably have to out-do myself this time next year when he turns five.

So, see ya next year folks.


  1. so sad we missed!! you did an AWESOME job!

  2. AnonymousJuly 22, 2013

    Very cool, Jenn. Another party triumph!

  3. LOVE all the details! Such a fun party for your boy!

  4. You are the best birthday party thrower ever! Seriously that sounded like such a blast!