March 13, 2012

Down Time

Some days you just need to stay in your pajamas and and hide under the covers for awhile.

When you just feel tired and on the brink of sickness and you need to stay home because going off to work or anywhere for that matter, could very well be the end of all you have left. Or at least it feels that way.

For me, just folding my laundry and playing Mr. Potato head games with my son is like the most therapeutic thing in the world. Well that and bubble baths of course.

But there are times when I just need to sip an entire pot of coffee and relax under warm blankets and pretend that it's still winter.

And sometimes, not very often, but sometimes, I just have to forget everything else and take care of me.

I know my breaking point. I know when I've gone too far and my heart and my body are spent. I know when I need real rest because my thoughts start spiraling to very weird places and I feel this swirling chaos of emotions inside of myself.

So, I'm taking some time out to recharge. Creating some space to cry and feel with no one around to ask me what's wrong or what it is that I need.

Just because I have to get some things out - on paper, through tears, by praying, by zoning out on my sofa to watch old episodes of SATC. Hoping that all of it - the combination of resting and feeling and not having to perform for anyone will be what I need to pick myself back up and go at it again tomorrow.


  1. Oh man, I SO want a pajama day tomorrow instead of going to work! Argh! :S

  2. Yes, we all reach that point. I know I do and I don't even have kids! Never neglect yourself... you deserve that downtime!