May 3, 2013

May 3: Uncomfortable

Today's prompt:  Things that make you feel uncomfortable

I chose ten things as it seemed like a nice even round number.  Interestingly enough, answering this question made me feel a bit uncomfortable.  I realized it felt a bit exposing to admit some of the things that can trigger discomfort in me.

1) Strapless bras.  You would only understand this if your boobs are ginormous and you've been forced to wear something that required said strapless bra. 

2)  Pillows that aren't broken in yet.  You know, the ones that hurt your neck and don't have that perfected squishy feeling installed in them.

3)  When people talk about food, diets, and eating habits.  I suddenly feel like I weigh 600 pounds and everyone is judging me.

4)  Humidity.

5)  The oh-so-wonderful annual doctor's appointment us ladies get to endure. 

6)  When I hear people, especially those who identify as Christians, making ugly, judgemental and unkind comments about homosexuals.

7)  Breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding debates.  Also, wearing and non-wearing your baby debates.  Basically any debate on how we should feed, clothe, diaper, sleep, educate, etc. our children.  Why must there be the debates?!

8)  High heels.  My current lifestyle does not have the time, patience or desire for those things any longer.  But shhh....don't tell my fabulous collection of heels that.  I'm hoping that someday my current lifestyle might need them again.

9)  When I'm in a group of people, a question is asked, and there is only silence as no one wants to answer.  Those moments of silence make me internally squirmy.

10)  Mother's Day card shopping.  It's hard and awkward, emotional and the epitome of discomfort for me as I try to balance my feelings and honor the moms I do have in my life.

What makes you uncomfortable? 
(If it's that strapless bra - tell me all about it girlfriend).


  1. 6) When I hear people, especially those who identify as Christians, making ugly, judgemental and unkind comments about homosexuals.

    This makes me sick, I was thinking about it today because there is a song on the radio about accepting each other for this very reason by Macklemore. And it just makes me so sad, oh how we all should be happy, and feel free to be who we are. So many youth take their lives because of it, it just ruins me.

    Granted I am not gay, but I have many gay friends and each of them matter, and shine in their own way, most of them a whole hell of a lot brighter then I do.

    Sorry, this is a rant!

  2. Yes, to the strapless bra and my boobs are not remotely ginormous. Strapless bras are the devil. But alas, a necessary evil at times.

    What's currently making me extremely uncomfortable is the emphasis in the spouse community on what our husbands do. Specifically on whether they're enlisted or officers. It's strange enough for a big part of my current identity to be "Dependent" but to then be judged beyond that based on his rank and job is kind of beyond me.

    Also humidity, anything with wool (itchy!), and foods that are mealy or pop (grapes, cherries, etc.) Certain clothing items that fit a lot better a couple of months ago. Forgetting one of the few Japanese words I actually know right when I'm looking at the person I want to say it to. Movies and TV shows where I'm supposed to find humor in someone else's embarrassment. I just get embarrassed for them and I hate it.

  3. I don't like strapless bras and I don't have all that much uptop ;)

    Staff meetings make me uncomfortable. I hate those things.

  4. Strapless bras are the worst things ever, even if breastfeeding (the longest I lasted with any of them was seven weeks--that debate makes me uncomfortable too) left my chest even impossibly smaller than it was before. And yet, I just bought another cute sundress with spaghetti straps.

    Pointy-toes shoes. I really did try. I even bought some with kitten heels, thinking they'd be better. They were not.

    I have to second Lori's comment about people being embarrassed in movies or TV shows. I can't stand it. The funny thing is, my oldest daughter, who is only just five, hates it too. She'll hide behind the chair when Eloise gets in trouble!

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