March 25, 2011

We're Learning!

In the last few weeks, my son has started learning his ABC's. We have these foam letters that he plays with in the bathtub. They stick to the wall and I'm pretty sure he's had a ton of fun putting them on the sides of the tub and knocking them back down into the water. But somewhere in all of the playing, he has been learning them!

He can name almost every letter and point to most of them when you ask where they are. A few letters are still confusing to him - like N's and Z's. I'm a little surprised that he was interested in letters - I guess because it feels early to be learning them. But since he has shown such interest, I figured it was time. We have a couple of books and some magnet letters on the fridge that we use for learning ABC's. And of course Sesame Street has been great for teaching him letters as well. I know every mother thinks their own child is a genius, but I'm pretty sure that he is.

On Sunday when we were out to lunch, he randomly decided that it was officially time to eat with utensils. He ate all of his green beans that day with a fork. I was so proud! He has some scooping issues, but he likes to eat by himself with a fork and spoon now.
It never ceases to amaze me how quickly he grows and can learn things. His mind is like a sponge and he picks up everything! He loves to be read to. He loves to go outside and play. He is a wonder to watch as he experiences new things all the time. I am loving listening to him learn to say new words every single day now. His newest words are cookie, hello, outside, shoes, nice blankie (sounds like bank though), truck, bubbies, (how he says bubbles!) - just to name a few.
My "Major Hunk" and his Major Hunk daddy. This picture is not relevant at all to anything I've had to say, but I had to post this because they are both so incredibly good looking.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I'm so proud of Tommy!! It is fun to play and interact with him during all of these different seasons. I feel blessed to get watch him grow to love learning and "praising Jesus." I love watching your face as you take pride in your son.

  2. Go Tommy!! :-) I agree with you...he is a genius!

  3. So cute!! :) I love that age ... it is really just amazing how quickly they soak everything in.