April 28, 2011

Bullet points

- Lists are everywhere right now. I've been thriving off of lists the last few days. It's been a long while since I've been on a trip, especially by myself, for this period of time. There have been things-to-get lists, things-to-do lists, things-to-remember-for-Tommy lists, honey-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, things-to-get-done-at-work lists....I guess I've been a little list happy. But it's been necessary for me to keep myself sane with all there is to do before I go.

- I had a terrible nightmare and it woke me up this morning shaking and sweating. I even started crying when Todd got up to use the bathroom and left me alone in bed. It was a horrible, horrible dream and I haven't woken up feeling that scared or fearful in a very long time.

- Because I woke up so early and never went back to sleep, I'm a little more clumsy than usual. So much so, that I spilled half of my coffee all over myself this morning at work. I am walking around covered in splattered stains today. Classy. Though I smell very mochaey.

- I finished cleaning and organizing our second bedroom and it's all ready for Tiffany to come and stay. It was quite an undertaking, but our guest bedroom actually looks like a guest could stay in it and feel comfortable. Aside from the ram's head that stares at you while you sleep.

- I successfully made banana bread and mini-banana bread muffins yesterday. I over-baked my first batch a couple of months ago and redeemed myself this go around. It's moist and delicious and very perfect.

- Tommy went swimming yesterday at a friend's apartment, and he smelled like sunscreen the rest of the day. I LOVE that smell.

- The world's best boss is leaving The Office tonight. I've cried at the last few new episodes and I'm sure tonight won't be any exception. Michael Scott will be greatly missed! I tried to have a marathon of the show all by myself and only got through the second disc of Season Two. The episode where he burns his foot on his Foreman grill is still one of my all time favorites.

- I've been thinking about boundaries quite a bit. It kind of feels exhausting to always keep putting them in place and I guess I wish they weren't necessary. But they kind of are when we make it a point to take care of ourselves and our hearts. I guess I just wish relationships in general were easier to navigate through.

- We found a place for Tommy to attend a home daycare as I will start working full-time again when I get back from Michigan. The lady is from England and she has a precious little girl and her daycare is in my neighborhood. I immediately felt comfortable and at ease and I think Tommy is going to be very happy there a couple of days a week!

- Tomorrow is going to feel like a crazy day. Visiting a friend from Alaska in the morning, work in the afternoon to finish everything up, laundry, trip to the grocery store, getting Tiffany settled in...and here I go with the lists again!

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