April 25, 2011

The Easter that ended in a water fight

How can any Easter not be a good Easter when you've found these incredible sandals to wear? Steve Madden kind of made my entire weekend when I found these. I was kind of sure I couldn't go on living if I didn't have them.
I put together an Easter basket for Tommy. I never got a basket growing up and I've decided that one of the perks to being a parent is getting to relive childhood again through having your own kids. Even though it was his basket, I had fun picking out toys and treats I thought he might enjoy.
Though come Easter morning, he had a look of confusion on his face. "What is this stuff mama?"
And this photo was my favorite. They were just Matchbox cars, but you would think I'd given him the weirdest looking present ever based on his facial expression.
Then he finally gets it and understands how FUN his Easter basket is. And all is well in the world.
Church was great. Our Pastor talked about redemption and invited a few people to share some pieces of their story where they experienced redemption and new life in Christ. It was lovely and rich and very fitting for Easter. We took communion also and that has become a favorite thing of mine. Todd and I do part of it in silence and the other part together. That time was sweet - we both had tears and felt soft at where God has each of us individually and together. We left feeling tender and alive.

After church, I tried to take a picture of my handsome boy in his Easter suit. The tie never made it on and he was NOT going to give me a smile.
Um yeah. It was time to get the suit off and take a nap. Maybe next year I'll get the perfect picture of him that I was hoping for. *sigh* My poor baby.
After Tommy's nap time, we headed over to my in-laws for an Easter barbecue. Tommy got a hold of an egg shaped rice krispy treat and kept saying, "Mmmmm cookie!"
And then.....Oma's "Easter trunks" for the grand-kids outdid my little basket. Because who needs a measly old basket when you can have a trunk full of Easter goodies?!
It was full of books, candy, snacks, Elmo things, an outfit and colored bubbles.
Tommy loves his Oma. He knows she spoils him I think.
After dinner we had an Easter egg hunt for the kiddoes. Tommy actually caught on pretty fast and found a few eggs for his basket. He wasn't going to be outrun by his older cousins!
Then the silly began. Oh what fun you can have with those cheap, plastic Easter eggs. (This is Todd's brother, Brian).
Our Easter family photo this year.
One thing our kids will learn from us....not only HOW to be silly, but that being silly is not just for kids. Grown ups can be shamelessly silly too.
This is just plain scary. But, this picture reminds me of just how made for each other we are.
I love this man....
Over the weekend we planted two new trees in our yard since the others had died. We had to give them plenty of water and before you knew it.....
A water war commenced. Tommy had a BLAST.
He loves the water and had great fun.
Me? I totally lost. I instigated things by trying to turn the hose on Todd. And well. It didn't turn out like I had planned.The water fight was probably my most favorite part of the day. We were lost in laughter and playtime and enjoyment - all three of us. It felt like real life, maybe even life abundant that Christ tells us we can have. It felt like new life, like redemption, and like celebrating where we are together. It was the perfect way to end our Easter Sunday.


  1. I love how y'all have so much fun! :) And I also love how much you love those sandals!!

  2. Looks like a great day minus the suit time lol

  3. I adore those sandals as well! And, um, can I just ask you to please, please write a book someday. You are a gifted writer! Until you get that published, I will continue to enjoy your blog. ;)

  4. I love this one. it made me like I

  5. was there. I love the sandals too. Tommy looks like he was really having fun. I love you Jenn. grammma