April 22, 2011

Easter Egg Cookies

To be honest, I think my idea for this originally came from my disgruntled-ness at the fact that I really wanted to go crazy and buy Spring/Easter decor for my house this year. And then I realized I couldn't, because in order to satisfy any kind of decorating itch, I would have needed to spend hundreds of dollars all at once to make things look festive like I do for fall and Christmas.

I know myself ya'll - and buying one or two things was simply not going to do. Plus my house is so not Easter colored and decorating would require a major overhaul of many items - and because I'm quite matchy, matchy, I can't do it any other way! And well, we simply don't have the funds for me going hog-wild with Easter decorations. Maybe at some point, I will start buying things on clearance and start decorating when I have enough things to put out so it can look cohesive. Someday. *sigh*

So. Because I couldn't scratch my decorator's itch, I decided to bake something fun instead! Baking is the next best thing if I don't have something to decorate!

I thought it would be fun to make some Easter egg sugar cookies for the upcoming holiday to give away to friends and co-workers this year.
I usually do all kinds of shapes for Christmastime. So only doing one shape, an egg, seemed a bit monotonous, but I had all kinds of ideas for different kinds of colors and designs I could do for egg cookies. I made pink, blue, green, yellow, lavender and white icing for the cookies and found some fun springy sprinkles.
Todd actually helped decorate a few with me - it was fun to come up with different ideas to make them look fun and Eastery!
The finished products!
I found some cute bags to put them in to give away - aren't they darling?
Maybe this will be a new Easter tradition every year. Or maybe just until I can afford to go on an Easter decoration shopping spree that is....

What are you doing this year to celebrate and make Easter fun?


  1. Very cute idea! I wanted to get into the Easter decorating spirit too but just couldn't do it this year. With a baby on the way, I think of 'other' things I need to spend my money on. :) I wish I could bake because that is definitely a good idea! We will be celebrating with our family this weekend so I will get to enjoy the kids Easter egg hunting.

  2. These look so yummy. Wish I had one with my coffee right now!