June 15, 2011

Hot pink hair and other things

So I've been blogging for a little over four years now. And I was wondering the other day if there was anything that the blogworld possibly doesn't know about me yet. Is there anything left that I haven't shared? Well, I think I came up with a few things....

I've always wanted hot pink hair. Yes, it's true. I have an inner-rock star somewhere in me just dying to get out I suppose. I think I was just struck with the "wild and crazy" gene. To clarify, I don't really want an entire head of hot pink hair - maybe just the tips perhaps. And I wouldn't keep it forever, I just want it to for a little while. I still have much convincing to do to make my husband see that this would be a fun idea. Even though it would be very temporary, he doesn't like the idea. *sigh*

I'm intimidated by meringues.
I consider myself to be a pretty decent cook and somewhat of a skilled baker. However, I have never in my life attempted any kind of meringue pie. I have had to make things before that need to "peak" and do them successfully, but something about meringues make me feel inadequate and I'm afraid I'll mess it up. And since I don't really like meringue pies that much anyway, I have like no motivation to even try. Ha!

I LOVE the show Storage Wars.
Have you seen this show on A&E? These people go to storage unit auctions and bid on them and they can keep or sell whatever they find in them. I love seeing what they do or don't find in the units. I find it absolutely riveting television!

I absolutely HATE to be called Jenny.
First, let me explain, that it's not that I don't like the name. I have friends named Jenni or Jenny and that doesn't bother me at all. It's just me - I'm not a Jenny - never have been. And if someone ever calls me Jenny I usually quickly correct them and tell them that it's Jenn or Jennifer. As a side note, my Grammy has a pet name for me and calls me "Denny," which sounds much like Jenny. But since she is my Grammy and says it with such love and sweetness, I let it slide.

I haven't worn a dress in four years.
I think the last time I wore a dress, was for my Grandparent's 50th Anniversary. I didn't like the dress much, and more than that, I didn't like how I looked in it. I think not wearing dresses or skirts is another place that I've allowed myself to hide. Though I dress very femininely in cute blouses and shoes, I've allowed shame to keep me out of wearing a dress because I've been ashamed of my figure. I would love to wear dresses, I just don't. HOWEVER. Yes, there is a big however.

I am going to my friend's wedding this weekend - we leave tomorrow for a big wedding weekend extravaganza. And I am so excited. I am part of her "house party" and initially I was planning on wearing something red, and the only thing I had was a fun red top and some black dress pants. But yesterday, I decided to brave the stores and try on some dresses - just for kicks. Just to see if maybe I could find one. I took a handful of several fun dresses into the fitting room and looked at myself in the mirror and literally gave myself a pep-talk. I reminded myself to be kind, that I'm making progress, and I don't have to get a dress - this is just for "fun."

To my amazement, every dress I tried on not only fit, but they all kind of looked good on me. In fact, I was torn between two dresses. I decided on the one that felt more fun and more like me. And I got it!!! I think it looks so fun on me and I can't wait to dance in it! It continues to be a transforming kind of summer - dancing, swimming, shorts, swimsuits, dresses - wow!

I'm going to wait to post a picture of my new DRESS until I after I wear it to the wedding this weekend - just to keep you in suspense. And FYI - it would go really well with hot pink hair....*sigh*


  1. I've never attempted a meringue myself (though I do love, love, love lemon meringue pie) but my dad does them and he is not known for his light touch or patience. So they can't be that hard.

    Also: have you seen Pawn Stars? That's good TV.

    And? I can't wait to see red dress pictures! You now, Amalah dyed her hair hot pink until she made her fundraising goal for Race for the Cure. So I think you should do that next year. It would be such a philanthropic excuse for hot pink hair! If Todd wants the pink gone, he'll just have to find people to donate!

  2. AnonymousJune 15, 2011

    i'm glad that you got the dress. i can't wait to see you in it. i look forward to dancing with you even if i'm not that good at it. about the pink hair,,,,,not sure about that yet! haha.
    looking forward to this weekend.
    love ya.

  3. As I was reading your post I was thinking to myself "I bet she would look really good in a dress." I'm so glad you found some that you love! Can't wait to see it!! Have a wonderful weekend at the wedding. Sounds so fun. Oh, and I have to say that my sister is a Jennifer too and HATES to be called "Jenny". It's Jenn or Jennifer - but I slip quiet often because growing up we called her Jenny. I try hard though out of respect for her but it's tough.