June 20, 2011


There is much to write and be said about the weekend we spent in the Houston area over the weekend. It was fun and memorable. Glorious tears were shed, glorious laughs were laughed and wonderful memories were made. It was an honor to be there and celebrate with the bride.

Today however, I am tired and worn out and needing about 78 million hours more of sleep.

I am also remembering what the weekend felt like to just be with my husband. More time than expected was allowed for us to just be together. We went swimming, we took naps, we went shopping, we ate out - we were just together. And reconnecting never felt so sweet. It was exactly what we needed and it was the best way to end the pizza delivering season and enter into something new.

We love Tommy and he is a wonderful, ever-present part of our lives. However, the weekend allowed the time for us just to be husband and wife instead of daddy and mommy. Though we thought of him often - like how much he would have loved the beaver hats at Buccee's.
(Sidenote: Isn't my tan frickin' awesome?!)
More will come about the weekend. But for today I am remembering the sweetness of reconnection. And relishing in the precious time we got to spend together.


  1. You look beautiful! (love the tan!!) That last picture of y'all is def one of my new favorites!!

  2. Great pictures! And yes you DO need time to be a couple again... Fills the need you have to be a woman and a wife. I'm so glad you had fun!

  3. You guys are so cute! Yeah to no more pizza delivery!!

  4. This is such a sweet post, Jen... so happy you two are able to spend more time together now. :)