July 13, 2011

Vanity Glasses

It's safe to say that when the black rimmed glasses come out, I'm feeling kinda sassy. I first sported "vanity glasses" back in college. I thought they gave me a little edge or something and still to this day, when I'm wearing just the right outfit or I'm just in a certain kind of mood, you get this version of Jenn:
And please don't tell me how non-edgy I look, because you might just break my heart. I probably looked edgier in college because I was sporting dog collar-type bracelets and belts and steel toed Doc Martin boots and fire engine red, spikey hair with glasses that looked like this. But nevermind about that....

So, combine my ever-so-edgy black rimmed glasses with some capris that actually fit again and a new pair of Converse All-Stars?
It's like double the sassy. 'Cause girlfriend is feeling pretty damn good. (Damn just felt way more accurate than darn, FYI. Felt completely necessary to use some mild language in this case).