July 10, 2011

Welcome Rain

There has been a major drought in our part of Texas this year. We haven't had any substantial rain since December. And any shower or passing storm we've received in the last six months has been a BIG DEAL as there hasn't been much rain to put a dent in our aquifer levels or to feed our thirsty lands.

Today is such a day though. It is a BIG DEAL.
Clearly, it's a big deal since I went outside to document a picture of it happening.

The rain is often inconvenient. It can often put a damper on fun summer plans, or make driving more difficult, or pose a threat of flood or power outages. But, the rain brings life. The rain brings relief. The rain brings with it hopes that things will grow and become green again. It allows things to soften and break loose. It brings clouds that shield us from the hot July sun. The rain is life-giving.

Today I am aware of what "the rain" has looked like in my life. I've seen God use things that have allowed me to grow and become alive. I've seen him use some of the hard things I've had to go through to soften my callous heart. I have become broken, many times, because of the rain. It's been the rain that has brought me to life.There is a precious song by Laura Story called "Blessings," that feels fitting for me and my story. I have experienced blessings through raindrops, healing through tears, and sleepless nights where I have felt God ever so close to me. I have never understood or even liked what God has used in order to bring His purposes for me about. But instead of hating the rain, I've come to a place where I can praise God for it instead. Because it has been the rain in my life that drew me to His heart, set me free and made me alive.

As the rain falls and I hear it's quiet pitter-patter on the windows, I am reminded of my blessings that have come through raindrops. And thankful to the One who knows what to use to breathe life into us again.

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