August 17, 2011

Busy Blurb

Work has been BUSY this week. Therefore I have been busy this week.

And on top of that, the air conditioner died at the office and I'm not only trying to use my brain and get things done, but do that with only a couple of fans to move some air around. Fun times.

Staying on top of everything while in the middle of life outside of work has left me with little time to pause and breathe and do some much needed writing. And oh, I have things that need writing.

But in case anyone - like my Gramma - was wondering why there hasn't been much of anything on here yet this week, it's mostly just work. Oh and trying to get my redecorating at home finished - and it's almost finished! Just a couple more things and it will be all done. And just in time to decorate for fall come September.

I could use a slow down. And I'm ready for one. A long, restful, peaceful, quiet slow-down.

Today I am thankful for ceiling fans and understanding bosses. I am also thankful for home - for our working AC and how I have a lovely place of my own to rest.

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