August 11, 2011

Loving Well

What does it mean and look like to love someone well?

Love hopes.
Love doesn't run.
Love hangs on when it's hard.
Love keeps on giving even when it gets nothing in return.
Love is hard.
Love is also soft and gentle and kind.
Love doesn't leave.
Love doesn't give up.
Love stays in the mess.
Love is messy.
Love is willing to get messy.
Love fights.
Love believes.
Love is full of grace and mercy.
Love feels like work sometimes.
Love is more than a feeling.
Love is found in laughter and in tears.
Love waits.
Love endures.
Love in action can be exhausting.
Love gets angry.
Love gets sad.
Love can be full of passion.
Love is more than just passion.
Love invites you to dream.
Love ignites our longings.
Love sets us free.
Love is life-giving.
Love creates beauty.
Love is risky.
Love stays.
Love shows its tears.
Love awakens.
Love seeks
Love pursues.
Love sometimes hurts.
Loves sometimes feels really good.
Love brings things to light.
Love is giving.
Love doesn't fear.
Love doesn't hide.
Love sees and wants to see.
Love knows and wants to be known.
Love isn't always easy.
Love listens.
Love is slow to speak.
Love speaks the hard things.
Love asks for what it needs.
Love fuels desire.
Love wants more.
Love isn't willing to settle.
Love surrenders.
Love takes time.
Love heals our wounds.
Love inspires us.
Love is honest.
Love shows up.
Love is often times inconvenient.
Love requires selflessness.
Love is often tested.
But real, true love - authentic, genuine, honest, real love - won't fail.
Love never, ever fails.

If I am to love well, then I desperately need to deeply know the Author of such love.

Just a glimpse of my heart today....


  1. True love is definitely all those is hard to remember who is the author of such love. I am trying to learn that for myself. Thanks for being in it with me.

  2. That is a beautiful post Jennifer. I'm sorry that I don't write on these wonderful blogs. I just don't seem to make time. I love to read what you write, your heart is so full. Have a wonderful day my love. Love SGETTI.