August 28, 2011

That's When

It's when I'm left alone in the silence.

It's when my little boy has gone to bed and Todd has either gone out or isn't home yet. When I don't have either of them needing something of me.

It's when the last guest of the party has left and all of the laughter that was filling the walls of your home feel hollow and empty.

It's when I've loaded all of the pictures off of my camera onto Facebook and there's nothing left to do but remember the memories that were made.

It's the remembering the memories. So fresh. So yesterday. So only hours ago.

It's when the chocolate-chocolate cupcake I ate is gone and the hurt that I am hurting inside still hurts.

It's when all of the laundry is put away and all of the dishes are done and everything feels caught up and there's nothing left to busy myself with anymore.

It's then.

It's then that I have nothing left to do but feel.

Tonight I am feeling. All of it.

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