August 29, 2011

Memory Making

I love that pictures are like permanent memories for us. They help us remember.

Like this one. Where I went out to celebrate my friend Mal's 25th birthday. And I wore a dress because it was a party dress kind of event. And even though it was quite the battle to make the decision to go to the party wearing it, I did. This picture reminds me of where I am loved, where I have changed and who I am today. And how the relationships I have with both of these women next to me in this picture have shaped my heart.
I'm thinking about this picture too. Which may look like just another picture of me and my husband. But it reminds me of all we've been through the last couple of months and what life and marriage has felt like as we've attempted to navigate through some hard things together.Last night at around 11:00pm we found ourselves tired and starving since we hadn't really eaten since lunch. I made a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese to share. And as we sat there sleepy and eating an .88 cent dinner, I told him that there was no one else in the world I would rather be eating macaroni and cheese with at 11:30 at night than him. And thankfully, the feeling was mutual.

And this picture. My laughing little boy - his laughter is incredibly contagious. He makes my heart feel so full and so alive and I love him so. I never knew how someone could truly light up your life until God gave him to us.
A picture of Tommy and Wyatt jumping on the bed last night. And in the midst of laughing at them and with them in how much fun they were having at just being boys, I started to cry because the moments left that will look like this, are few.
And this last picture. They're not gone yet. D leaves before B this weekend. We hosted a farewell party for them last night. And my heart hurts.
I'm grateful for pictures to remind of us good and happy times.

I'm grateful that pictures have a way of reminding us what our hearts felt when we took them.

I'm grateful for living life and having memories that are worth making.

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  1. Oh, such a good post.

    Had a similar conversation with my husband last night (we had macaroni and cheese at eleven pm, too - it must be a married people thing).

    Thanks for posting this. That picture of your son is so cute! It reminds me of my brother at that age.