November 4, 2011

Friday Mornings

I realized this morning that every Friday is special.

Every Friday morning I watch Sesame Street. And every Friday morning I make waffles and Tommy and I sit at the table and eat them together and talk. I look forward to my Friday mornings all week long because no other morning during the week looks like it.

I guess I never thought I'd be thankful that I was a working mom. I never thought that this was going to be the arrangement that I not only wanted, but what I needed too. But I am. I am thankful for a flexible job with a boss who brings me pumpkin spice lattes on a weekly basis. I am thankful that my evenings with Tommy feel rich and playful. I am thankful that I have Friday mornings that are just mommy and Tommy time - it's something he can count on and look forward to as much as I do.

Perhaps I'm beginning to learn what it means to choose joy and be thankful for where God has me in every place of life. It's something that I hope can spill into other areas of my heart.

Friday mornings always feel right. And I think I'd be missing out on how special this day could be if things looked any other way.


  1. And hey, there's another awesome picture of you and your boy!

  2. Aww sweet post! I don't have kids BUT I get what you mean about Fridays.

    A kiss to ya miss!