February 20, 2012


I am grateful that today is President's Day - and even though I'm working, I didn't have to drive in traffic. And that just flat out makes me happy.

I'm grateful that Tommy has somehow learned to "hold it" during both nap-time and bedtime which means we are not only done with diapers, but pull-ups too.

I'm grateful for coffee. Hot, fresh and welcoming.

I'm grateful for friends who still take time to connect with you even though they've moved thousands of miles away.

I'm grateful for my awesome friend Mal who will be filling in the gap and caring well for Tommy while I work more.

I'm grateful for music and how I feel it move the deepest parts of me. For being created to experience and enjoy it the way that I do.

I am grateful for the kinds of friends who meet you for coffee and you can be frank and honest and open. The friends that when you leave their presence, you feel like you're less alone and less crazy just because they are walking the hard places in your journey with you.

I am grateful for long Sunday naps followed by long Sunday walks.

I am grateful for the new places I am experiencing God where I haven't before.

I am grateful for sore muscles and the evidence seen from hard work and consistency.

I am grateful for honesty and openness in marriage.

I am grateful for the days I wake up with gratitude pouring out of my heart.

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  1. gratitude is SO BECOMING on you:) youre a heart stirrer.