February 6, 2012

Life Snapshots

It has been cold and rainy here. After feeling warm and spring-like for weeks, winter's chill has felt especially abrupt and cold.

Todd's grandmother passed away on Saturday. And before they took off for North Dakota, I saw his dad cry for only the third time since I have known him.

The weekend was both long and short. Long because the days were full - more than full. And short because it passed by quickly and I feel like I'm going into the week unprepared and without any rest.

We celebrated my Grammy's birthday yesterday. Our family gathering felt sweet and laughter-filled.

I sang the song "Your Great Name" as a special solo in church and I had tears and cried through parts of it. That song has deeply moved me and though I was hoping to sing it with clarity and without tears, I couldn't hold it together. It felt hard to not sing something to my best ability vocally, but the responses I received from my congregation yesterday as a result of the tears that I shared from stage, were overwhelming and glorious. Perhaps that's how God meant it to be shared with others.

In two weeks I will no longer be working on a part-time basis, but full-time. When I think about it, I feel overwhelmed and tired and I'm feeling a little scared about what life is going to look like with that kind of schedule.

It's a possibility that Todd might start a new job in about six weeks. Nothing is for sure, but it's hard not to feel anxious when he could be leaving the place of employment that he has been at for twenty-five years.

It's raining again. And I'm wishing I were at home in my warm pajamas watching something Jane Austenish and eating some hot tomato-basil soup.

It's Monday and it definitely feels like one.


  1. Amen. Jane Austen and pajamas and tomato soup sound PERFECT to me, even though it's sunny here. Just got a bad case of the Mondays.

  2. I wish I could have heard you sing! I'm sure your tears only added to the emotion of the song and made it more touching! I will be praying for you as you transition to full time!!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's grandmother. :(

    Good luck with the job situation. I hope that once you establish yourself in a new routine it won't be so difficult.

  4. GL to Todd on the new job! Full time makes me scared too. I work 6 1/2 and that's more than enough for me.