February 2, 2012

P. M. S.

I know my hormones are raging when all I can think about is chocolate cake and I cry when someone cuts me off on the highway.

Yesterday was one of those days. Sadly, my search for a friend to meet me at the nearest Chili's for some margaritas, chips and salsa and what I might call a "bitch-about-life-session" turned up with no one able to go.

Not that I called anyone - I just looked through my phone and made up reasons why so-and-so wouldn't be able to go with me. Mostly, I didn't think I could emotionally handle being told no without taking it personally and landing in the pit of "Everybody hates me, nobody likes me, my life sucks!"

Oh man, being a woman is hard sometimes people.

I ended up eating with Todd and Tommy at a local restaurant - the two people in my life who can definitely not say no. I vented to him about my not-so-very-awful day that felt very awful because PMS just has a way of making a regular day with mild irritations seem like the world is ending.

After dinner we stopped for ice cream and I basically just ate the hot fudge out of my sundae and left the ice-cream, because hello. Chocolate.

The day ended with a semi-vigorous workout and I suddenly felt about 87 times better than I had before. I saw a quote recently that said, "A good mood is only a workout away." I found this to be true as I went to bed with a clearer head, a satisfied chocolate craving, and some much needed endorphins.

Apparently the cure for my horrible PMSish symptoms are a healthy dose of chocolately goodness followed by some exercise. After almost 19 years of being a "woman" I finally know what my body needs.

Seriously. Being a woman and being attacked by uncontrollable hormones morphs me into this crazy person sometimes.

Does anyone else have a cure for the crazy PMS monster?


  1. I hear ya girly! I had one of those days last week.Damn hormones! And our poor hubby's! haha

    I would like to blame my current chocolate craving on P.M.S...however I'm well aware that It's just pure greed. I could easily murder a chocolate brownie covered in hot fudge sauce and chocolate (Ben & Jerry's fudge brownie) ice cream. How many WW points do you think THAT splurge would be?! haha

  2. Hey! I know you havn't met me, but I'm a friend of Heather's. I hope it's OK that I comment on this:
    I know what you mean! Many times when I just can't handle my life, a really good run clears my head! I can breathe easier (even though, at the time, I am gasping for air) and I can definitely laugh easier. My problems seem much smaller and nothing I can't handle. God seems much closer because I can focus on Him and not my problems. Also, ramen help too :)

  3. I hate that time of the month :(

  4. I'm sorry you had a kind of crappy day, but yay for working out making you feel better! I've been finding that too, lately. :)