March 9, 2012

How he loves me

Love is when he cleans the corroded black crap off of the stove burners.

Love is when he paints the laundry room a different color just because I'm tired of brown.

Love is him surrendering his gun cabinet to the garage to make room for my "craft space" in the guest bedroom.

Love is refinishing an old dresser and building cubbies for Tommy's room when I know he would rather be relaxing and enjoying a week off of work.
Love is sitting there to watch Dance Moms with me.

Love is him telling me that I "feel skinnier" when he hugs me.

Love is discovering that he has cleaned out and vacuumed my car for me.

Love is a freshly mowed lawn.

The way Todd loves me is tangible. He shows his love and devotion to others by serving and doing - it's how his love speaks. The newly completed projects around the house this week feel like little reminders of where his heart is for me, for us.

I never doubt his love for me. But sometimes, it's nice to have evidence of how much he really does.


  1. Yes I do.... Luv ya.

  2. Beautiful post... and lovely pic of the two of you! :)

  3. What a sweet post, and the photo of you together is adorable. :)