March 6, 2012


Spring has arrived in South Texas.

I can wear my favorite color - yellow. And pink and floral things and very cute sandals.

It means my birthday is close. (Monday to be exact.)

Breezy and cool, window-open weather comes for days in a row.

Texas Wildflowers start blooming.

Easter egg colored peanut M&M's. My favorite.

The start of barbecues sand picnics and outdoorsy kinds of get-togethers.

Going shopping for new clothes.

Watching life bud and green before me.

How hope and newness feel tangible.

What do you love about spring? Has it arrived where you are yet?


  1. Thank goodness Spring is nearly here in England! We've had many days where the kids haven't needed their coats at play time over the past couple of weeks, but today it got a bit chilly again. I'm hopeful that the warm weather will return and stay for good. I'm ready to wave goodbye to winter!

    I'm looking forward to watching all of the flowers bloom and trees bud. I love spring.

  2. The beginning of Autumn here for me! :D
    Happy early birthday! :)

  3. Two words: SPRING BREAK. Also, flowers and stuff.

  4. I so agree! I love the mild temperatures outside and not feeling like I have to rush to find warmth indoors!

  5. Happy almost-birthday! I agree, it's been wonderful here in AR too. I wore a bright pink dress this week w/ sandals, it made me so happy! Jane has also been lounging around in only her diaper, she appreciates the warm weather so much. :)