March 27, 2012


I'm wondering if maybe every woman is lonely.

I'm wondering about love stories.  About the great ones like Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Noah and Allie.   And about where I am in my own love story.

I'm wondering if you will always find God when you seek Him.  (Matthew 7:7-8)  Will He always be found, even when He's felt distant or silent?

I'm wondering if all this hard work I'm putting in to be healthy is going to ever start showing in my belly.  It seems to be hanging on to me for dear life.

I'm wondering why I am the only person who didn't even hear of The Hunger Games until the movie came out.  And I apparently need to see this as I'm kind of feeling left out.

I'm wondering how long I can make it doing this full-time thing again.  I already feel drained and depleted and I haven't even been doing it that long.

I'm wondering how Dr. Seuss could ever write a book as insane as Fox in Socks.  Seriously - I felt like an idiot attempting to read this to my son. 

I'm wondering how I am supposed to be fully alive when so much around me feels broken a lot of the time.

I'm wondering how long we will have to keep waiting for Todd to hear about this possible job opportunity. 

I'm wondering how it's going to feel to try on a bridesmaid dress next week for my cousin's upcoming wedding.

I'm wondering if I will really be smaller than I am now.  If I can keep doing what I'm doing without giving up.  I'm wondering what I will look like and how it will feel to be healthy again.

I'm wondering why I am so scared to not be heavy anymore.  Though I kind of know why, I am ever curious about the things I feel and the things that are triggered as I continue to make progress.

I'm wondering why some friendships don't last forever and you only have people with you for seasons at a time.  Why does it seem to often work that way?

Been a lot of wondering today.  That is all.

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  1. WOW, that is A LOT to wonder about. Have you read my weight loss tab of my blog? I also am about to link ALL of my posts about weight loss to that tab so you can find them there, it's so hard Jen, and I wanted to give up a million times, I still don't see results as fast as I wish I did, but it's worth it. You will see them, don't give up.

    As far as the other things you listed, Im with you on the whole hunger games thing, no idea until about a month ago. And don't be worried about the dress fitting, you are beautiful now, the way you are, and you will continue to be beautiful the healthier you get. :)