March 25, 2012


1) I think grown-ups should get spring break too. Seriously, it's no fair and I might have to write a congressman or something. Mandatory one-week vacation in March for everyone!

2) I've recently started planking. Not to be confused by the weird stuff you've seen on youtube where people lay straight as a board on random objects. But like exercise planking. Seriously, it's hardcore. And I had no idea I even had muscles in my stomach until I few days ago. Like it hurts to laugh and everything.

2a) However, I can hold myself up for almost an entire minute. Not too shabby for a planking beginner.

3) It's weird when your Grandparents call your cell phone and your ring tone is, "Everyday I'm shufflin." But I'm not talking about me or anything.

4) I stayed in bed until 11am on Saturday. Yes I did.

5) Tommy read me "Goodnight Moon" last night. He has it memorized! Think we've read that a few times together?

6) I'm going to buy a bridesmaid dress this week. My cousin Aimee is getting married on September 1st and I don't think it has quite sunk in yet.

7) It's already shorts and sleeveless shirt weather here and I'm in dire need of some kind of spray tanner because the current state of my skin is so white that it might be blinding. Can anyone recommend a good one?

8) Seriously, how is it almost Easter? Where does time go? Wasn't it just Christmas like five seconds ago?

8a) Oh and I got an Easter dress this year. I haven't bought an actual dress for Easter since I was like 15. And it's pretty!

9) Confession: I have about seven almost empty water bottles in my car that I haven't put in the recycling bin yet. They've been accumulated from several trips to the gym. I leave them in the car and they just stay there and multiply. So even though it appears that I might be lazy, I'm so not. Because hello, I was working out.

10) It's Monday. And it so feels like it.

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