March 24, 2012


The whole world is just one big adventure to my son. He reminds me what it's like to be free to run and literally not have a care in the world because mom and dad are right behind you and it's a beautiful day and everything in you feels as it should.
"Dis is amazing mom! Dis is so awesome daddy! Dese flowers are so boo-tiful!" He declared these things as we all got outside to chase some sunshine on the most perfect spring day ever. I love where he notices the things of simplicity in all of his innocence and wonder and how grand everything seems to him.

I continually see where he invites me to play and run, to discover and take joy in my surroundings. I love where he always invites me to more and to live fully because that's all he knows of living.

And he doesn't have to be told to pause and take time to smell the flowers. He just does it. It comes naturally when you're not quite three.
Swinging. That's his thing. That's all he has to worry about.
When glee, complete and utter glee, is written all over his nourishes every part of me that is a mother. And every part that is still forever a child.
I hope he knows how much we enjoy him and how much he is deeply loved. I hope he feels cherished and celebrated just because he is our son. And someday, I hope he knows where his life made me want to be more than I am, how being his mom has changed me and grown me too.

I hope his childhood, and my motherhood for that matter, is full of many more smiles of pure glee.


  1. Oh tiny people, how sweet they are. how unharmed they are, how they love perfectly.. oh how perfectly loveable they are.

  2. What a cutie pie.
    When he's older, you need to show him this post. It's so sweet and full of love :)