March 23, 2012


It is full blown spring in my part of the world. It's everywhere.
I'm loving the color. The vibrancy. The beauty.
Spring feels delicate. I'm aware of what's new and soft. Of what has surfaced after last year's long drought.
We didn't get any of our usual Texas wildflowers last year because we went so long without rain. So seeing March's bluebonnets this year feel precious. It feels like beholding something glorious. And it probably feels that way because I am. Spring is glorious isn't it?
Something as intricate and detailed as our beautiful state flower points to the Creator I believe in. It reminds me of where He makes things beautiful. How he cares about seasons and change and things like flowers because even when life can be hard, we can still be surrounded by beauty. They are reminders of Him and His extravagant love.
These white flowers took my breath away. Something about them made me want to cry, but I'm not really sure why exactly.
It's an odd thing I suppose. To want to cry looking at flowers. But I guess they reminded me of me. Where I feel full and beautiful and alive, where I once felt empty and ugly and dead.

Things are blooming. And so am I.

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