May 20, 2012

Family Fun

One of the things I hope to gift my son with are happy family memories.  Times where we did things together.  Where we laughed and sought adventure and enjoyed each other's company.  As much as I love to be home since I'm away from it so much during the week, I realize where Tommy needs to get out - see the world, and experience new things outside our little nest.

Yesterday afternoon we headed to New Braunfels.  A short drive from our house considering we are on the outskirts of San Antonio as it is.  We went to a popular park there full of river, playgrounds, and shady trees.

And we made a few happy family memories together.
May has been mild so far.  It was 90 and breezy, and in the shade it was divinity.  Music was playing at a party a ways down from where we were and Ray Charles' famous song, "What a Wonderful World" came on.

It was in that moment, I was able to forget how just days ago I felt like my joy had been sucked out of me. Weariness had set in and I had felt down for days.  But at that moment, I let myself relax and enjoy the moment I found myself in.  Where my husband's arm was around me.  Where my son - healthy, happy, thriving - was pretending to steer the wheel of a fire truck.  Where summer didn't feel oppressive and where my heart just felt at ease.
Those moments seem fleeting don't they?  They can never last long enough.  When I find myself caught in those little snippets of life where things feel close to whatever perfect could even look like, I try to memorize everything around me.  The smells, the sounds, the scenery.  I've done that for as long as I remember.  Perhaps that's why my memories are easily accessible in my mind.  I'm a memory-keeper.
At the end of our day together in the park, we took a train ride.  Tommy squealed with delight and had a million questions about everything he saw.  
The weekend has provided time for refreshment and rejuvenation for my spirit.  I skipped church today - I hate going alone and I would have had to go by myself today.  Todd picked up a shift at work that will provide enough over-time that makes up for what I didn't make while I was serving on jury duty. It is so like God to come through for us - always enough, always in time.

I've been able to read and rest and sleep.  Watch movies, kiss my husband, cook meals, clean my home and catch up on chores.  Even start some fun wreath-making projects.

This late Sunday afternoon I'm simply thankful for my little family of three.  For the times we are able to have fun and enjoy life together.  And I'm thankful for just enough space to be me.

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