June 13, 2012


I love superheroes.  I always have.  I'm very into the concept of good vs. evil and how good always wins because it's supposed to. 

I saw The Avengers in the theater twice.  Because it was totally worth paying full price to see it on the big screen more than once.  And because the story was epic.  All of the greatest heroes come together to fight the greatest evil they had yet to know. 

Some of my favorite stories are about courageous acts of bravery.  Where the hero in the story fights evil with all they have, either to death or until evil has been defeated.  These stories fill me with hope and make me feel more alive.  Maybe they're just comics or movies or make-believe.  Even so, they are still my favorite. 
Maybe because I believe that is really what will happen in the end.....evil will be defeated and Love will win.

Iron Man.  Batman.  James Bond.  Just a few of my favorites.  (And yes, James Bond is a super-hero in my book).

Since I found out I was having a boy, I waited for this very day.
The day where he wanted to be super-hero.

We made a cape out of a pillowcase.  He ran around declaring "Du, du, du, duuuuuh!"  Announcing his awesomeness wherever he went.
 My guitar loving, camo-hat wearing super-hero.

My little reminder that there is a brave, fighting, courageous super-hero in all of us.

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  1. What a cutie! Scott needs to take Trevor to see that before it's out of the theater!