July 3, 2012

The day we played in the rain

Sunday's big display of rain showers was the perfect day to cross #24 off of my summer bucket list.  When I saw the downpour outside, I opened the front door and looked at Tommy with excitement.

"Want to go outside in the rain and jump in muddy puddles?" 

(Which if you don't have a three year-old child who watches Nick Jr. then you have no idea I'm referencing Peppa Pig.  And Peppa Pig and her family always go and jump in muddy puddles.  Except like sensible pigs, they wait until the rains have stopped.)

"YEAH!!!!"  Was his animated reply.  We ran outside and he looked at me a bit wide-eyed at first.  Like, I can't believe my crazy mother is running out into the street and playing in the rain.  Is she crazy?

Well, yes.  I am. 

He was eager to join me though.  I wish this picture wasn't blurry, because I love - love - the look on his face.  He is so happy and seeing written into that big smile of his brings me so much joy.

Todd came outside and joined us too.  We splashed and jumped and squealed and laughed.  One of our neighbors stood at his door and watched us.  I wondered if he thought we were foolish of if he wanted to be outside jumping in puddles with his own children. 

And I wondered about Tommy - if he might remember this day.  I hope he does.  I think every child should remember days that are full of silly and laughter. Where your parents take delight in you and do crazy things because that's what it means to be a mom and a dad.
Sometimes being a parent means teaching right from wrong and how to have manners and how to pick up after yourself and how to use the potty and bathe all on your own.  Parenthood means a lot of teaching and instruction and guiding. 

But sometimes, parenthood means something more.  You get to teach by example and your children observe you and the way you live and act.  Those are the moments that maybe have more impact than all of the guiding and teaching we have to do.  Because I just don't want Tommy to learn how to be a polite boy who makes straight A's in school.  I want to show him the more.

Where it's fun to get a little crazy and look like the fools of the neighborhood.  Where you crash trucks into your living room walls and not worry about dents or messing up the paint.  Where you let them jump off the couch and hide in the cabinets because they are really a "spaceship."  Where you get to show them how a proper pillow fight is done and that the best part of making chocolate chip cookies is eating the dough.  And when you run outside in the pouring rain and play, simply because you can.

Sometimes, parenthood gets to be about the more.  And those are the moments I enjoy the most.
Maybe it was a little reckless, a little crazy, a little dangerous.  Maybe we did look like fools. 

But it was fun.  It brought joy to the part of my soul that is forever a little girl.

It really was the very best day.


  1. That picture of Tommy is great! What a fun idea! = )

  2. soooo glad you drank in the fun w the guys! its like your family's heart is a sponge that you got to set out in the rain. God thank you for rain

  3. LOVE this post!!! Thank you for the reminder that we need to get out and dance in the rain! : )