May 22, 2012

Summer Bucket List

1) Have a picnic in the park

2) Visit Tiffany in Ft. Worth for a weekend

3) Try a new recipe

4) Make puppets out of paper bags with Tommy

5) Start and finish summer book club

6) Celebrate SIX years of marriage

7) Drive to Hunt, TX and check out Crider's rodeo and dance with Todd

8) Have a water balloon fight

9) Make a yarn wreath for my friend's girly nursery

10) Host an ice-cream sundae and Wii dance party

11) Go to Enchanted Rock

12) Take Tommy to the zoo

13) Watch fireworks on July 4th

14) Swim

15) Work on making a new Christmas tree skirt

16) Go bowling with Todd for date night

17) The beach - get there

18) Write at least two chapters in my book

19) Getaway with Todd to Marble Falls for a weekend

20) Go out to breakfast one weekend morning with my boys

21) Fit into a size 18/20 by Labor Day

22) Visit George and Paula

23) Spend a day at "The Island" with my friend Lori

24) Play in the rain

25) Go tubing in New Braunfels

26) Send off gifts and goodies to my Auntie in Africa

27) Have another girls night with Robin, Chelsea and Laura

28) Give Tommy an awesome monster truck birthday party

29) Print pictures and organize into albums

30) Kiss, laugh, cry, rest, fight, work hard, enjoy, play, reach out, wait, hope, love, live.

What's on your summer bucket list?


  1. I just want to have fun! Your list looks great too! You look like you are going to have a busy fun filled dimmer!

    Oh and when I saw you are going to make a Christmas tree skirt it got me all excited for Christmas, hehe.

  2. Finally, after many years of DC area living, attend the Fourth of July thing on the Mall
    Move to Florida (sweet fancy Moses, that is actually happening and soon, all of a sudden)
    Swim in the Gulf
    Attempt to even out my many tan lines
    Attempt to not get (too) sunburned
    Eat lots and lots of berries
    Some in the form of pie!
    Watch lots of Olympics
    Allow Bob Costas to make me cry with various Olympians' stories of triumphing over adversity
    See our wedding and reception site in person!
    Find a caterer and florist
    Cake tasting!!!
    Celebrate our third dating anniversary
    Spend a week in San Antonio
    Have coffee and catch up with Jenn!