September 7, 2012

The decorating has begun!

It seems as though when September is finally ushered in, that crisp mornings and crunchy leaves should quickly follow.  Though in my neck of the woods, that never happens.  Autumn is something that has to be invited in and sought after.  If you don't take the time to notice the shifting of the sun, the different colors in the sky at sunrise and sunset, and the ever-so subtle change in the air - you just might miss autumn in Texas.

The weekend lows are expected to be in the high 60's.  And you know you're from South Texas when you get that excited about the first official "cold snap" of the season.  I might even  make chili and cornbread to celebrate.  And maybe - maybe - even a pumpkin pie.

It's my favorite time of year.  It marks the beginning of a season where there is more togetherness.  More parties and events.  Festivals and fun pictures to take.  Exciting things to go do as a family and with friends.  

Last night, I kept my dinner down and had enough energy to finally put up my fall decorations.  Tommy was excited to help and kept placing pumpkins in random places.  I noticed one missing later that night and ended up finding it in his room.  When I brought it back out he said, "But mom, I like that punkin.  It's so bootiful."  And if it wasn't the breakable kind I might have let him keep it there.
As I placed things on shelves and moved things around until it felt just right, I started planning for our third annual pumpkin carving party.  I thought about the pumpkin patch we'll take Tommy to again this year and hoped for another hayride.  I started wondering how I would pull together his Halloween costume this year (he wants to be a superhero - "Super Tommy" - he says) and if I would break down and let him trick-or-treat.  I wished that my house was bigger for a few moments - only so I could host my entire family for Thanksgiving dinner.  And then I wondered how up I will be more making pies and baking cookies, as by then, I'll have quite the pregnant belly.

Decorating brings out my planner, my anticipator, my excitement over fellowship and community with the people I love most.  I feel most like me when I'm creating beauty and celebrating a season that isn't just special - it's life-giving and life-celebrating.
The highs for today may still be in the nineties.  It may be ridiculous to wear a scarf with my outfit.  And it may only be the seventh of September....
But autumn has arrived.  In my heart and in my home.

Happy fall decorating!


  1. I'm also excited about the "cold snap" this weekend, meaning while highs will still be in the high 80s, we'll have a low in the high 60s. That's especially exciting since I'll be running 9 miles tomorrow morning, so I'll have lots of opportunity to appreciate the lower temperature.

    And I'll admit, I've been eyeing the pumpkin dessert recipes on Pinterest...

  2. That all looks great! I am at the beach right now so I am forcing summer to last longer...maybe when I get home next week I will be ready to get ready for fall! Maybe in a few months!? Ha!

  3. Loving your decorations! You def have put me in the mood!