April 10, 2013


Did you know it's like super expensive to move out of state?  Also, it's very enlightening to know how much the combined total of your STUFF weighs.  Just wow.  Let's just say that I think our stuff should go on a diet.
When the song "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey came on my Spotify today, Tommy informed me that he did not like this music.  I almost sent him to time out.  That's practically music blasphemy.
The buyers of our house almost backed out of the deal because they wanted a geological report on the soil our house was built on.  Um, what?  Thankfully, they talked to someone about it and were put at ease about it all.  Never heard of anyone being so concerned about dirt before, but I guess that's their own perogative. 
I went on my first real excerisey walk last night up at the hill and I can't even begin to tell you how good it felt to be able to move my body like that again pain and pregnancy free.  The endorphins are just an added bonus.  Based on today's post, it would seem that I at least have a sense of humor today thanks to said endorphins.
I'm happy to report that after last night, Tommy likes peas.  I'm just excited to have him eat something else that's green, even if it's not a true veggie.  Mommy win.
June 3rd - it's tentatively the big leaving Texas day.  I'm doing important things in preparation for it.  Like making road trip playlists.  Priorities people.
I've also been forming a small before-I-leave-Texas bucket list which includes things like going to the beach and the state capital.  And consuming as much Mexican food as possible.  I don't care what anyone up there says.  There is no way North Dakota knows how to do Mexican food.
All of my friends have been warned in advance that at any given time, for any given reason, I may burst into spontaneous tears because the reality of moving away comes in waves.  However, my poor friend Sean hadn't been notified of this on Sunday.  He asked me a question about singing in church and wasn't quite prepared for my meltdown of an answer.  Sorry Sean.  At least now you know to ask questions at your own risk.
Jacob is schooling me in motherhood and is determined to make sure I know that he is nothing like his brother was as a baby and I need to quit comparing them and just try to figure him out for who he is.  Noted son, noted.  Now, will you let me sleep some more?
When there are over 1,400 miles between you and your favorite person in the entire world (aka, my husband, just to clarify), sext messages are totally necessary.  Just saying.
Never say never.  Like ever.  Because I always said I would never go to a function known as "MOPS" (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) because I NEVER wanted to be one of those moms.  I'm going for the first time tomorrow, cause I'm not working and I'm totally a mother of preschoolers.  In all fairness though, all the cool people go though so at least I won't be the only one there.
I will however NEVER EVER drive a mini-van. I simply refuse. 
Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta back to making my road-trip playlists.  And schooling on my son on what good music is.  It's gonna be nothing but Journey and The Eagles until he learns what the good stuff sounds like.


  1. I hear MOPs is great. Debbie teaches for them all the time. I'm glad things are getting in order. I'm curious about how having date of departure feels for you... I might also bust out in spontaneous tears

  2. Moving IS crazy expensive! And it's shocking when you find out how much your stuff weighs. We sold a lot of our furniture and still had over 5,000 pounds. We're only allowed 3,600 which is why we had to store the furniture we had left. It is a great opportunity though to get rid of stuff you don't need. I find that if I ask myself whether I want something badly enough to pack it, the answer is often no. I imagine that moving is a whole different experience though when there are kids involved.
    I love that you're looking out for Tommy's taste in music! He must be taught to appreciate the classics! Yes, I consider Don't Stop Believin' a classic.
    And yes, you are correct that you need to get your Tex Mex in now. It's not the same anywhere else. Here, apparently they have something called taco rice, which is good if you understand that it's Okinawan, not Mexican. I haven't tried it yet. Fortunately, we can get Velveeta and Rotel, so I can make my own queso when the craving becomes overwhelming. I recommend having Todd check for Rotel so you can pack a case of it if they don't have it there.

  3. i have moved states a few times in my life. so glad to finally be settled. can't believe the buyers were so concerned about soil LOL

  4. I'm glad you schooled him on good music, haha.

    Soil? That's important? I had no idea. I'll be sure to note this the next time I'm buying a house ;)

    Sext messages are always appropriate. Even if the person is sitting right next to you!

    Mini vans. They get such a bad rap.

    This was so much fun to read!

  5. I haven't had the nerve to attend a MOPS class yet..mainly because I'm still working 3 days a week and I treasure those days at home with Elyse.

    And I'm so happy that the soil issue was quickly removed!