May 17, 2013

Day 17: The magical picture

Today's prompt:  A favorite photo of yourself and why

There is already something magical about the air on November nights.  Crisp cool, wind full of change and excitement as the holidays approach.  But on this particular night, the magic surrounded me in abundance. I could feel it dancing around me like leaves blowing up from the street on their way to announce autumn's arrival.

It was a dressy affair - an engagement party for some new friends, Darin and Bethany.   I was getting ready and taking extra care curling my hair and applying my make-up.  There was to be wine and hors' doevers and high heels and all of it felt classy and glamorous and I remember wanting to look perfect.  Bethany had gone out of her way to include me.  When the invitations went out for the party, Todd was single, and after I entered the picture she wanted to make sure I knew I was welcome to come. 

That would have been the first of many kind, lovely gestures from a woman who would grow to be a dear, dear friend.

Stepping out of Todd's truck, taking his hand as he looked adoringly into my eyes - I had never felt more beautiful.  The night, the magic, the spark between he and I - made me feel more lovely than I had felt in my entire life.  My heart, my soul, my gut knew that I was looking into the eyes of my forever man.

There was a buzz in the room that night.  And though we were there to celebrate our friends, I didn't know many people there.  Most people were asking about who was with Todd - who was I?  Where did I come from?  Everytime we were approached by someone new asking about the young woman on Todd's arm, I felt myself beam.  I belonged there with this handsome man.  I was special and wanted and he thought I was beautiful.

Everytime I see the picture that someone took of us from that party, it makes me smile.  Our love was so young, so fresh, so exciting then.  It was just the beginning of us.  Only the start to our life together.  Anytime a crisp November wind blows around me, I can still look into my husband's face and feel just as beautiful as that young girl did back then.

It's been seven and a half years since that night.  We may have already lived through some of life's biggest roller coasters, but one thing is for sure.....the magic is most definitely still there.

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  1. Oh sweet! Just stumbled across this one...I love reading it and I just love that picture. Such a spectacular post and one that pulls me back into the beauty of that night! I love and miss you friend.