May 5, 2013

May 5: Blog Friends

Today's prompt:  Publicy profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends.  What makes them great?  Why do you love them?

Basically this post is no fair to any of my other blogger friends.  Like Kristie, Shay and Liz - some of my most favorite blogs and blogger friends. 

Kristie let me do a guest post once and boy, did she stretch my inner writer.  I was so honored to do it and was scared out of my mind at the same time.  Because Kristie is this ultra-amazing writer and in my opinion should be sitting behind a desk and writing all day long because she was literally born with a gift.  I love her story and how she tells it. 

And Shay not only makes me laugh from my gut, but she makes me cry and feel.  She gets me, I get her, and I love when I feel connected to someone just by reading something they've written.  Reading her blog is like reading her heart and I will love that girl for always. 

And Liz - I've watched her writing blossom and change over the years too.  I about fell out of my chair the day she mailed me her first book and asked me to review it.  She is witty and real and lovely and I would give my left arm to meet that girl in real life.

But I have to dedicate this post to one very special blog-friend, who as a bonus, is also a real life friend too.
The one and only - Lori.  Or - Superfantastic - as I've known her for years.

You see, Lori was the very first blog I ever started reading.  Lori's blog was what inspired me to start my very own.  I kind of-sort of knew her from a church that we both attended years ago and I never saw us being friends because, well, she was a democrat and I thought she might eat me for dinner if I told her I voted for Bush (both times). 

But one day, Lori commented on my blog and I had a minor flip-out because she had been reading my blog too and I was utterly embarassed because my writing wasn't worthy for her eyes to even gaze upon.  Apparently, I idolized her and her witty writing just a tad. 

As life would have it, Lori moved back to San Antonio years ago, and after we had gotten semi-comfortable leaving comments on each other's blogs, she contacted me via e-mail and asked me if I would want to meet up for coffee.  I still remember that day because I was very nervous and hoping we would have something to talk about.  And that the subject of politics wouldn't come up because I was sure I wouldn't be able to hold my own in her presence.

To my surprise, coffee was delightful and we had tons to talk about - like the importance of owning cute shoes and how much we both loved cheese.  Actually, getting to know her and hearing her beliefs and convictions over the years, especially when it comes to politics and worldviews has been a gift to me.  I've always appreciated her perspective and she always, always makes me think.  And dare I say, I'm not nearly as "republican" as I once was.  (I don't know what I am anymore to be honest.  But that's another subject for another day and I don't believe Jenni has issued politics as prompt this month - whew!)

The friendship I share with Lori was always an unexpected one.  It turned out that we would bond over things like brownies and tomato basil soup and What Not to Wear marathons.  I've also been her fashion consultant a time or two, because not only do I somehow know how to stage a house, I can put together an outfit too.

To this day, I still idolize her writing and wit just a tad.  But mostly I love her honesty, her convictions, and how she isn't trying to be anyone other than herself.  I was super bummed when I had to miss her awesome beach wedding in December.  Being pregnant and having to save for baby stuff put a damper on that trip which was highly disappointing.  Especially when I found out there was booze AND a cookie bar.

And then girlfriend had to up and get married and move to Japan or something like that with her awesome navy doctor husband.  But our writing and blogs and the fact that she knows I'll make her a grilled sourdough and cheddar cheese sandwich anytime she's in town, will keep us friends for matter who I vote for. 


  1. "She was a democrat"..... that made me smile, but not nearly as much as seeing my name and reading your words. Thank you for that.

  2. Awwww. I did not see that coming! I was reading about your other blog friends and then all of a sudden there was us! I was pretty intimidating to meet you too because you're so beautiful and always so well dressed and accessorized! I don't remember what I wore to that first coffee, but I'm quite certain that I overthought it quite a bit! I'm so glad that blogging brought us together when real life really might not have and keep us kept up on what happens between our visits. I may be headed to SA this July - I'll let you know when I know.