June 22, 2013

Summer Solstice

There is something special about sunshine on a clear June afternoon and more so, when it's the officially official first day of summer.  I feel like a kid again, as if we're packing up the car and heading to the coast and I'll have nothing better to do that build sandcastles and see how long I can hold my breath under the water.  It hit me a couple of weeks ago that I think I've been wrong about my favorite season for years.  I may have this grand love affair with fall.  After all, it's quite appealing with all it's pumpkin-flavored things and scarf wearing and gray, cozy skies.  Autumn does something unique to my soul and so much of it speaks to me.  But really, nothing quite evokes playfulness and life in me like a perfect summer day.

Perhaps I'm just a season-lover.  It's the constant changing, the flow of life and how maybe you can't control what happens in those seasons, but you can always count on the fact that they will come.  You are promised the change no matter what.

I'm the kind of person who could literally sit in the sunshine for an entire day.  Reading a book, dipping my toes in the water, listening to music - country would be my choice.  Mostly because country music and summer simply go together.  You can't have one without the other.  And if I could find my way to the beach every weekend, I would go.  It seems only natural to dwell by water during summertime - even if it's only my blow-up mini pool.

Is this not THE color of summer?  Vibrant aqua.  It makes me happy just to look at it.
And if aqua is the official color of summer, then the official meal should be burgers with corn on the cob and fresh watermelon.  Which was how we ushered in the summer solstice last night. Perfection.
 And it absolutely must be topped off with s'mores.  I mean, it's only fair to summer.  Let's do this right.

I may be the only summer-lover in my family though.  Jacob thinks it's highly over-rated.  Apparently, I'll have a thing or two to teach him.

Another summer of my life is officially here and this one has been celebrated and ushered in.  And though in my neck of the woods it tends to stick around for much longer than it's supposed to, I plan on many more afternoons of sunshine and swimming, many more evenings of burgers, s'mores and late sunsets.  

Another hopeful season full of life cherished, enjoyed and lived.


  1. AnonymousJune 22, 2013

    I love your last sentence!

  2. I'm with you! I've always said that summer is my least favorite season but for some reason this year I welch be it with open arms. Maybe it has to do with getting older ;)

    And it isn't summer without corn on the cob and s'mores.

  3. Mmm...hamburgers are definitely our summer meal of choice!

    Glad you're able to enjoy the summertime this year!