July 4, 2013


Today we celebrate freedom as a nation and country and people.  We celebrate the rights and privileges that we have as citizens of the United States of America.  We honor those who have fought for those freedoms, we reflect on our nation's history and where we have come from.  We party, we barbecue, we watch magnificent displays of fireworks, we get decked out in red, white and blue.  It's all a fabulous jubilee.

We will be celebrating in like fashion today as I am currently packing our bags with swimwear, sunscreen, and potato chips and making sure that all of us are dressed appropriately in patriotic colors. 

This morning, I also celebrate the freedom I have in Jesus - the true and real freedom-giver.  Remembering a very special time where a little over two years ago, I walked away from the chains and bondage that had a choke-hold on me for nearly a lifetime. 

I partied my ass off.  I danced (for the first time) until the music stopped.  I will always remember that day, that moment, that night of celebration.  It will forever be a moment in time I will always remember where I accepted the freedom that Jesus had for me.  And two years later, though it can be often temping to pick up those chains and try them on for size, I am still walking in that same freedom.  I am still celebrating.

If the Son has set us free - we are free indeed.  

We are free! 

May you be walking in the freedom Jesus has for you.

Happy Independence Day!

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