September 1, 2013

Hello September

I was overjoyed to flip open my calendar to a brand new crispy, clean, fresh month.  Oh September, you're finally here. 

August is behind us - and it wasn't just the overwhelming heat that made the month challenging.  It was a struggle to get through it.  Fighting old demons, feeling old feelings.  Death and loss.  Chaotic childcare arrangements.  Excessive working-mom guilt that plagued me.  Too many tired nights that required take-out or bowls of cereal for dinner.  A baby boy who is only truly happy in his mama's arms - sweet yes, but a bit exhausting.  Tense relationships, missed conversations.  Disconnected, disappointed, disheartened. 

Boy, was it ever an August.

To celebrate it's end and looking forward to a new month ahead, I cut my hair this weekend.  I didn't go drastic, but I took some of the length off and added in some layers.  It's a bit sassy and a bit classic too.

It's amazing how pretty a new haircut can make you feel.  When it bounces and feels perfectly silky after leaving the salon - I left wondering why I don't pamper myself this way more often.  
This last month felt like day after day of having hard days in front of the mirror.  Despising what I see, sitting in self-contempt - it was time for an identity check.  I did some journaling, voiced the things I have been keeping inside, and picked myself back up again.  I treated myself to a haircut, cleaned out my closet and made some new plans for taking better care of myself - body and soul. 

Sometimes, it takes a really long, hard August for you to find your grounding again.  And when you do, you wake up and find that it's finally, finally, finally.....September.

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  1. Beautiful!

    I welcome September too:) love this time of year!

    You look fantastic! Loving your hair. And yes, you need to pamper yourself more!