November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween is fun.  The costumes, the dressing up silly-making.  Making hot dogs with friends and walking the neighborhood watching kids collect candy.  I felt like a giddy four year old waiting until work was over and it was time to get home so all of the festivities could begin. 

This year we had a Spiderman in our house.
 And baby Jack-Jack from The Incredibles.  
Cutest baby I've ever seen maybe.
We went trick-or-treating with friends.  
Tommy and his best friend Callie - The Fox.  And if you ask her, she totally knows what the fox says.
Todd and I decided to dress up too as Phil and Kay from Duck Dynasty.  And boy, did we got a lot of attention.
 I love that my husband is down for some silly on Halloween. 
 Todd suprised Tommy with an awesome Spiderman glove that shot webs for real (a.k.a - silly string).  
He was stoked.  Not to mention, the coolest Spiderman out last night.
 It was Jacob's first time trick-or-treating.  
The night was pleasant and cool, and thankfully he enjoyed going for a ride.
 He was so adorable, I could not stop taking pictures of him.  
That precious pointy hair just got me.
 It was a fun-filled Halloween.  
Lots of treats, minimal tricks, and dozens of memories for the books.
And just like's November.


  1. adorable! I can't believe how big your boys are getting...and you & Todd looked awesome!

  2. Your costumes are the best! I love it! I had to show Sean!

    Your boys are the cutest! I haven't done Halloween stuff in a while. I can't wait to take future kiddos trick or treating!

  3. I love your costumes! They are the best! I had to show Sean since he loves that show!

    Your boys are the absolute cutest! I haven't done anything Halloween related in a while. This post makes me excited to take my future kiddos trick or treating :)